Best Industrial Galley Ovens

Industrial ovens are no way similar to conventional home ovens. Unlike conventional ovens, most galley or industrial ovens are capable of reaching higher temperatures that are required for cooking bigger quantities of food at a single setting. Some varieties are big enough to walk in to and they have racks that can hold food items for cooking, drying or fermenting. Choosing the right variety of industrial galley ovens can be difficult but we’ve created a short guide that should prove helpful.

Brands – There are thousands of different brands on the market at present and most of them are of international quality. You can try companies like Duke, Rational, Blodgett, Baxter, Lainox, Vulcan or Lang to find an appropriate model. We cannot recommend any particular brand as you will have to match your requirements to the features offered in the galley oven.

Features – Manufacturers usually provide more than two different cooking options and accessories in the same ovens. For example, you will be able to bake and broil in a conventional oven. However, along with that, some brands and companies offer additional features like steam, roasting, grilling, a wood container for roasting and preparing wood-fired food etc. Most commercial ovens are also convection ovens and they will have fast fans that cook food faster as compared to household ovens. Insulated galley ovens are also available and they may be a little expensive but they are very efficient and they cook food faster. We recommend you research the different features that are available before you consider purchasing a commercial oven. Dual fuel ovens are also very good as they can be operated with gas and electricity making the cooking process very easy. Other oven varieties that are available include rack ovens which are used to bake large food in batches, stone deck ovens or hearth deck ovens that are commonly used to bake pizzas and revolution ovens that are move the trays around as they cook.

Cost – On an average, commercial galley ovens may cost anywhere from $200 to about $1000 and more depending on size, quality and accessories. To save money, we recommend you check the back of trade publications, magazines and cooking magazines to find ads for used appliances. It may be difficult to find the right size and model but you can always find cheap models. You can also search through the going – out – of – business ads to find ovens that are just right for your requirements.

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The uses of misting systems in industrial plants

Everyone would rightly agree that working in an industrial setting can be extremely dangerous. The industrial workers are faced with many life threatening situations during their working time. They should be constantly aware of the surroundings. Moreover the heat generated by certain industrial processes can be hazardous to health and well being. Here the mist cooling systems are of great use.

The misting systems would be designed to facilitate a number of applications and are found in large industrial units like factories, forging mills etc. Also there are high pressure misting systems that are useful in carrying out a number of features like spot cooling, worker cooling, dust control and even odor reduction. The job would be effectively done by a mist cooling system.

The misting systems used for industrial purposes would hold specific features than the rest. They would have a ceramics spray nozzle which sprays out a very fine mist of water which evaporates quickly upon contact with the air. In areas of high activity like factory or warehouse, the cooling would be highly effective. There are different types of mist cooling systems. Some of them would simply release moisture into the air, while the evaporative cooling systems are designed for flash evaporation process. The industrial evaporative cooling system would help in tampering your temperature requirements thereby ensuring the safety and comfort level of the workers.

The misting systems have many more advantages. They are effectively used for dust control and odor reduction. In industrial settings were there would be undesirable working conditions, the evaporative cooling system work as an indispensible factor in maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. In some factories the production process would result in causing unbearable odor. The food processing industries are evident examples for such odors. The mist cooling systems can be effectively used for reducing odors in the industries settings.

The mist cooling systems are available in both portable and stationary features. The portable cooling systems are more flexible but the industrial applications generally require stationery systems that are safely mounted. Every specific need in the industry would be met by the cooling systems. Moreover the system would be highly cost effective too. The cooling process, odor reduction and dust control are the major highlights of the system. There are industrial cooling fans in the market that would help to maintain a stable temperature. These fans are highly helpful in cooling down the machines when they become heated up.

The misting systems are also effectively used for purposes like frost protection, air filtration, fire and smoke control and more. The industries like restaurants, poultry and dairy farms, zoos and amusement parks, golf courses, tennis courts, metal forging etc are benefited from the mist cooling systems. For such industries the high pressure misting systems are widely used for getting maximum cooling. Places like residential areas, restaurants, amusement parks, sports stadium, hotels and resorts also make use of high pressure systems. Besides they can also be used to add humidity to a green house or any other environments.

Kick Start Your Career With Industrial Training In Chandigarh

A large number of students today are acquiring degrees in the IT field like MCA, BCA, BSC, B.Tech, etc. After the students acquire their degree from their colleges, they require industrial training. Industrial training is needed because the competition in the industry is very fierce. Today a person with industrial experience has more chances of getting selected by the top companies. Today people from rural areas are also getting a chance of getting higher education in the colleges and institutes located in Chandigarh.
Industrial training helps students in experiencing the atmosphere and work pressure they face in top multinational companies. 6 months industrial training provided by different institutes helps in polishing the skills of the candidates and allow them to kick start their career.
Students are given industrial training in both software and hardware courses. Some of the programming languages that are very high in demand are Java, C, C++, .NET, PHP, etc. There are many job opportunities available for students having knowledge and experience in these languages. All major IT companies require candidates having experience in these languages and if you take industrial training in these languages then the chances of their success increases tremendously.
Java is a high level object oriented programming language that is used by various developers in designing computer based applications and software. Students looking for industrial training programs can choose from a wide range of technical courses like PHP, Java (core and Advanced), Software Testing, MYSQL, Data Warehousing, Dot Net, C/C++, Mobile Programming (Android, Iphone, Blackberry), MVC Architecture, Project CRUD, Oracle Database 10g: Introduction to SQL , Web Designing , graphic designing, OOPS , and Data Types, Pointers, Structures and I/O.
You can also choose to get 6 months training on CCNA certification. The Cisco certified network associate indicates apprentice knowledge in networking. These certified professionals can configure, install, and operate WAN, LAN and dial access services for networks having 100 or less nodes including the protocols like IP, Serial, EIGRP,OSPF Frame Relay, VLANs, IP RIP, RIP, Access lists and Ethernet.
With 6 month industrial training in hardware and software courses, a student is able to enjoy these benefits:
Students are able to experience working on live projects while training.
The students take training from the experts having rich experience in the IT field and are able to gain a lot during their training.
The students get exposure to the latest technologies and methodologies.
In-depth knowledge of the technology will help the students in attaining a good reputation in the industry.
Exposure to software development projects.
Skill acquisition according to the industry rules.
100% job placement or guarantee.
So if you are looking to make your career and give it a great start then choose industrial training in Chandigarh.

Air Driven Liquid Pump For Use In Multifarious Industrial Sectors

High pressure pumping applications demand the use of superior-quality and specially designed pumps. The compact and cost-efficient air driven high pressure liquid pumps have been intelligently designed and precision-engineered for pumping a wide variety of fluids and viscous emulsions. These rugged and high-performing air driven pumps are ideal for use at construction sites, machining centers, oil refineries, and chemical processing establishments. They are safe to use and extremely efficient for use in your most demanding and challenging industrial and commercial environments.

The air operated pumps ensure efficacious liquid transfer by maintaining a constant flow and consistent pressures throughout the pumping operations.

Air driven pumps – Ideal for use in challenging industrial applications

Liquid pumps are readily available in single acting and double acting models and in a variety of materials. Pumps that are made using superior quality and strong stainless steel material have been extensively employed for several demanding industrial pumping applications. The high-end built using stainless steel materials ensure durable, reliable and safe performance in corrosion prone industrial environments. Also, the high-grade built using best-in-class raw materials have made these pumps extremely useful and popular for pumping hazardous liquids, oils and water mixed with fertilizers and so on.

Since these pumps use compressed air for achieving pumping actions, there is no fear for spark and explosion during operations. Also the tool is energy-efficient as it operates devoid of electric power. The system requires no lubrication and is easy to operate, install and maintain. Due to all these advantages, many industries including oil and gas, machine engineering, defense, chemical and pharmaceutical, aviation and aeronautics, mining and construction use these pipes for accomplishing their most daunting industrial pumping tasks.

Importance of sourcing the product from best-in-line manufacturers
If you are planning to invest on air operated liquid pump units, you must first identify the industry-known and reputed manufacturer. Amongst the popular few manufactures, Maximator and Maxpro air driven pumps have gained extensive popularity and huge demand on the market due to their superior built, advanced engineering and reliable and durable performance. You must also identify and partner with renowned distributors for availing the product. This brings you quality pumps at competitive prices.

Selecting the most appropriate pumps from a wide array of models is also important to attain the required operational excellence. You must understand the type and nature of the fluids to be pumped to make an ideal selection. You must also determine the available minimum plant air pressure and know the required flow rate before choosing from the several categories. Procuring the product from industry leading manufacturers and suppliers helps you receive valuable suggestions and recommendations regarding choosing the right product as per your project requirements.

Industrial Blowers and Their Uses

What is the primary purpose of an industrial blower you may well ask. Well, similarly to industrial fans, the various different blowers available on the market ensure the provision of a steady gas or air flow when needed in industrial or mechanical processes, in a whole range of industries from transport to paper and pulp.

Various types of blower exist to serve their many varied applications. Anyone intending to rent or purchase a blower must first describe its use in detail to the salesman to avoid situations where an inappropriate device is bought and installed that could potentially even cause danger.

High Pressure Blowers

The name gives a lot away in this case. These are fans that can handle really heavy industrial applications where pressure is high, meaning the air is hot and heavy, and needs regular movement.

High pressure devices are often employed in grain handling processes, specifically conveying, drying and ventilating.

RPD Blowers

Rotary lobe, positive displacement or “Roots-type” blowers work by pumping a fluid with a pair of meshing lobes. During the process, fluid is trapped in pockets around the lobes and carried from the entrance point to the exhaust.

One of the most common uses of the RPD type is in vehicle engines. Another domain in which it is easy to come across the device is the gas industry. Here, roots blowers are used in reverse to assess the flow of gases in gas meters.

Interestingly, the sophisticated piece of machinery is also used in as narrow a niche as the assembling of civil defense sirens, in which they work to pump air to the chopper.

Submerged Blowers

What makes this type different is that they are fully submerged in the process cooling gas. This ensures contamination never takes place during the cooling process, and makes maintenance easier as, contrary to other types of the device, running seals aren’t used in the design and build.

The submerged version is often employed in the power industry with devices often in strategic use at nuclear power stations. They are often also used by industries that require the implementation and regular use of gas flow calibration loops.

Industrial blowers are a tool without which many industries wouldn’t be fully functionable. They serve an important purpose in most mechanical processes where an air flow is needed. As safety is paramount, this is a must needed investment for anyone looking to launch an industrial operation.

Industrial Maintenance What To Look For

Are you looking for somebody reliable to be responsible for your industrial maintenance? It is important that you do some research when deciding what company you want to contract to take care of your dirty work.

These businesses are responsible for your building’s maintenance. You want to make sure you are making the right choice of choosing who will do your machine repairs and upkeep. They might also have equipment of their own to rent, making it easier for you in case you require further services. Consider these steps:

Do Research

In the digital age, the fact of the matter is that the company you want to hire probably has a website. As a result, you can go to their website to see what services your prospective company can provide, plus you can research other work the company has done. If there are complaints about the company’s past work, there’s a good chance you’ll find information about it on the Internet. Most important, make a few phone calls, see what their customers service is like. Go take a look at their facility and see how they handle their own in-house situation. Again, make sure you feel comfortable, because you’ll be the one cutting the checks.

Look Into the Company’s Reputation

Check and see how long your prospective company has been in the industrial maintenance business. Have they done work for anybody you know? Take a look and see if they have a client list on the website. If possible, get in touch with some of their clients and ask for their opinion. If you feel like there is a strong amount of trust between the prospective industrial maintenance company and their clients, there is a very good chance that they’ll gain your trust as well. Ask around and see if they have a good reputation in the local community.


It’s important to see if the company is ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified. This will tell you they have passed a set of standards that the industrial maintenance industry requires and are willing to pass those tests to improve their business opportunities.

The Contractor’s Employees

Keep in mind, these are the people that will be working on your site, have access your machinery, and be making sure everything is up to par. Make sure that the company you want to work with has trusted professionals that will know how to satisfy your needs. A good working relationship with the employees can help your reach your long term goal of how you want your building to be maintained.


When you get a quote, make sure you try and put the price against another company. Don’t just take the first offer that you get. Shop around. If you feel like you’ll get the same quality of results from two companies, see if you can drive the price down and save a little money.

Industrial Cleaning Made Easy With Duplex Industrial Cleaning Machines

Industrial cleaning is as complex today as the manufacturing process, and the profit loss equation, that different industries have to balance. Industrial waste and spill are of several types, and cannot be just swept and thrown away into the garbage can the way we throw away unwanted stuff. Industrial cleaning requires specialized cleaning equipment, and trained personnel who can handle the equipment.

Many industrial wastes are considered a hazard to life and have to be chemically treated and neutralized before they are disposed. This is one of the crucial aspects of industrial cleaning. When untreated industrial wastes are just jettisoned over the compound wall or into the nearby river or sea, the water will get contaminated. It will directly affect marine life, and the toxic industrial waste will, also affect human beings who use water from that water body, or fish in it.

Industrial cleaning is the duty of a business owner as a socially responsible citizen. However, even those who do not feel much social responsibility are legally bound to submit to the provisions of industrial cleaning that their respective county or country has set. So nobody has an option there, and should manage the job the right way with the right cleaning equipment.

Industrial cleaning can be undertaken by the company itself, or can be entrusted to cleaning agencies. If an agency is entrusted with the problem, they will have all the necessary cleaning equipment to do the job since they are professionals. They will also be familiar with the governmental rules and regulations about treating industrial waste and will take care of the job in a way that the industry owner will not find himself on the wrong side of the law.

Though there are many industrial cleaning services around, every agency may not be suitable for every company, as the cleaning requirements of each company are likely to be different. Selection should be done carefully, after explaining to them your exact requirements. Opinions of other companies, who have used any industrial cleaning services, and online comparisons, will be helpful in making the selection.

Even though industrial cleaning agencies are available to do the type of cleaning required by different companies, it is strongly recommended that the company owner and staff are in the know how of the rules and regulations regarding the treatment of industrial wastes, and the handling of cleaning equipment. Some of the spills and wastes may be of the type that requires immediate treatment. An outside industrial cleaning unit will not be working at the company premises every day and the staff must be equipped to handle the cleaning problems that require immediate attention.

Industrial Marketing For Online Brochure Printing

Industrial Marketing for Online Brochure Printing Online brochure printing for big and small business dealers is an excellent way to improve selling. It is a good option to make use of brochure printing for businesses online and offline to effectively market goods and services. Brochures can be varied promotional tools that are vital to use in this generation of businesses. These things are multipurpose and can be fitting to use in different situations. They are appropriate even for small-scale businesses without big financial support for purposes of marketing since brochure printing for business sellers online is somewhat inexpensive.

Methods to boost the quality of inexpensive brochure printing Online brochure printing for businesses which use digital files to promote goods and services are very convenient these days. Brochures are applicable to various business conditions. They are easy to accomplish and distribute regardless of the financial support on hand. Online printing of brochures is not only practical but convenient when it comes to cost. There are ways to improve the quality of brochures through economical means.

Select just the paper you need. The paper used for online brochure printing for businesses has a lot to do with the total image of a pamphlet. A great layout and design will not be appreciated if the paper chosen for printing brochure is not suitable for such promotion type. It is important to match the type of paper with the overall design created. Shoddy quality of paper used will really make a negative image of the products and services along with the company that offers them. Using good quality paper for such marketing efforts enhances the design and look of brochures which will definitely make an excellent impression to consumers. Among the best considerations in choosing the type of paper is the finish. Matte types are excellent for making stylish and superior design while glossy ones make the colors stand out and is very striking when looked at.

Oversize brochure printing is certainly eye-catching. It is an important element in order to be seen among all others doing the same program of advertising. It is highly recommended to create bigger reproductions to boost appeal to target customers. This may necessitate adding more cash; nevertheless, the returns will also be more than expected.

Be more creative using folded brochures. Conventional folding of brochures does not generate enthusiasm. Be original and make use of innovative folds to easily gain the interest of potential customers.

Go through the design and texts of your brochure. This is to prevent from getting into humiliating experiences related to avoidable errors in grammar, spelling, and other possible mistakes in the brochure. In order to check this out, you can just print a copy of your finished design to see the overall impact and look for any mistakes. Technological innovations in the printing business have made this activity very cost-effective these days.

Industrial Fume Scrubbers

To assure the safety of employees and to achieve the utmost plant efficiency, industrial facilities must implement measures to contain the solid or liquid aerosols and / or vapors that occur as a result of many manufacturing operations. Northern Integrated Systems Co. provides wet scrubbers for the effective collection of wet and dry fumes and particulate. SysTech professionals have the experience to assist in selecting the wet scrubber to best suit the applications and budget.

Venturi wet scrubbers are applied where removal of fine particulate from corrosive, hazardous or volatile gas streams is required. Venturi scrubbers wash dust and particles out of the air by forcing the air into a spray chamber, where fine water particles cause the dust to drop from the air stream. Where applied, venturi scrubber technology is able to achieve the highest particulate collection efficiency of any wet scrubbing system.

Most industrial air pollution problems can be solved with a reliable wet scrubber control system. SysTech can implement wet scrubbers that will economically treat large to small volumes of process air, accommodating virtually all types of chemistry.

Workers in welding operations are in continuous contact with potentially hazardous weld fumes and gases. Weld processes such as shielded metal arc welding and flux-cored arc welding produce various types of hazardous small particulate chemical compounds. Examples of such hazards include:

– Weld smoke fume is madeup of 30 to 80 percent submicron-sized particles. Without a reliable weld smoke collection system, these particles remain in the air and are inhaled.
– Hazardous gases can be produced during welding. A weld smoke collector helps to remove toxins from the air.
– Welding stainless steel (Hexavalent Chromium) is now governed by OSHA Standard 29 CFR1910.1026 where the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for Cr (VI) is 5 g/m.

Weld smoke collection systems, both portable and stationary, are used to collect welding fumes before they reach your welder’s breathing zone. Northern Integrated Systems Co. offers the best fume collectors and equipment from the leading manufacturers, including Direct from Source Fume Collectors. These compact, portable fume collectors go to work effectively wherever the local fume collection is required.

If multiple operators / welders are working simultaneously, a central collection system is available where a cartridge dust collector is remotely installed and flexible fume exhauster arms with hoods are mounted at each welding station. If a continuous fabrication / assembly operation needs smoke control, a downdraft bench would be another option to consider.

Industrial Barbell

An industrial barbell is straight piece of ear jewelry that is used to pierce the ear cartilage. Two perforations are created in the ear cartilage, which helps the person wear numerous types of industrial barbell jewelry including the orbital ear, twisted ear, and long straight barbell jewelry. Industrial barbell jewelry is available in numerous designs and shapes including orbital, spiral, and straight jewelry. Any two parts of the ear cartilage may be chosen for ear cartilage piercing that permit the wearing of an orbital, spiral, or long bar shape.

At least two piercings are created in the ear, which are connected through an industrial barbell, are known as an industrial ear piercing. The individual determines an extremely exceptional type of industrial barbell that is to be worn following the healing of the industrial piercing. If you have not determined which type of jewelry you want to wear in your industrial piercing you can look on numerous websites on the Internet where you will find a variety of barbells to choose from. These websites will help you to choose whatever design you are attracted to. The straight industrial barbell was very popular until a few years ago. This type of industrial barbell is now paving the way for spiral barbell to be worn only following an industrial piercing. The helix barbell was seen only in 1992. However, today the helix type of ear piercing is only preferred with a vertical piercing and the outer/inner conch piercing is the most desired.

The industrial ear piercing is the most popular because it takes up two sites through the ear cartilage in which a long industrial barbell which is available in various designs, shapes, and sizes including the twisted barbell, the long barbell, and the spiral barbell. The ear cartilage is pierced with a long barbell from behind the ear and is taken to the upper portion of the ear where it is screwed with a ball like bed. This is known as a helix piercing.

There are basically three types of industrial piercings available today which become very popular. They are the helix spiral piercing, which is very attractive and beautiful, the orbital piercing in which the ear is pierced on two sites of the ear cartilage, and the vertical industrial piercing which is also very popular.

Industrial piercing will permit a person to select for a variety of different pieces of jewelry, all of which are very becoming.