Industrial Maintenance Training At Your Site

Do you have a team of professionals who need to learn industrial maintenance? Perhaps you want to improve your team’s skills and efficiency. You may want to reduce the risks you are facing because your employees do not have the level of training they need. No matter what reason you have to obtain this type of advanced education, it can be one of the most important resources possible. It is quite possible for you to get the type of training and updated education necessary at a local facility or training center. On the other hand, you may want to have a company of experts come to your location to offer this type of education.

Why Your Site Matters

When you have industrial maintenance training at your own location, this does several key things for your organization. It may indicate that the specific topics covered and applications of information learned will apply directly to your organization rather than to a general audience. This means your employees are getting a more specific education as it relates to your organization. That means it relates better to your needs.

Secondly, it can increase productivity. Instead of having your key team members out of the office or off the floor for an extended period of time, the professionals come to you. Your employees can work around their educational program to keep up with the needs of the job. More so, there is no need to pay for drive time or other costs related to getting the training. This means you spend less to get this type of training overall.

What Type Is Available?

Before you get the process started, determine what type of education your team needs. You will find a wide range of programs available to help with most industrial and commercial needs. This includes topics such as practical energy, hydraulics, motor controls, electrical, mechanical and robotics. Your professionals may need to use various types of equipment for the job. However, you may not have a professional on hand in your organization to educate them. That is where these third-party companies come into play. Now, they can come to your organization, teach your employees about pneumatics and process controls and help your business to do better.

Industrial maintenance and upkeep, not to mention equipment training, is a critical component to maintaining and running your business. However, it does not have to cost you a lot of time or money to get the job done. Rather, simply turn to a local organization, schedule a time for the professional to come to your location and get your team up to date. That is all it takes to get everyone back on the same page working safely for you.

High efficiency industrial gas furnaces for carburizing and heat treatment processes

Swiss-based Codere SA is a leading international supplier of industrial furnaces and other specialized installations for a wide variety of heat treatment processes. As a specialist in this technology, the company has patented a number of systems that enjoy international recognition, and is committed to ongoing research and development.

The company manufactures many different types of industrial furnace, including bell furnaces, batch furnaces, pit furnaces, continuous furnaces and mesh belt furnaces. Codere heat treating equipment and gas furnaceproducts can be utilized in a wide range of settings, from small laboratories to large-scale automatic heat treatment lines, and for many different heat treatment processes, including carburising, hardening, tempering, annealing, austempering, nitriding, brazing, carbo-nitriding, sintering, nitro-carburizing, oxynitriding, oil quenching, salt quenching and water quenching.

When it comes to the heat treatment of metals, the company’s metallurgical engineering expertise has enabled the creation of furnaces that enable the carburising process to be carried out in conjunction with carbonitriding. Their range of annealing furnaces for heat treating steel are suitable for the heat treatment of steel and other metals, and a comprehensive range of annealing processes, including full annealing, process annealing and stress relieving annealing.

Other fields of activity and heat treatment applications include machine production, heat treating aluminum, aluminium furnace annealing and more. The company also offers metal heat treatment, metal manufacturing and metal fabrication solutions for the hand tools industry.

Codere furnaces can be used to treat a considerable variety of metal parts across many different fields, from construction equipment manufacturers to the automotive, armament, hand tool and watch industries. The company has particularly extensive experience and a strong reputation in the aviation and aerospace sectors, supplying industrial electric furnace and high efficiency furnace installations for heat-treating military aircraft, helicopters and passenger planes.

The comprehensive range of industrial heat treatment process furnaces available from Codere is illustrated by a selection of industrial case studies which show furnace installation in various sectors.

Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment and Machines

Steam Pressure Washer Cleaning Machines as Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment

Typically, buying industrial floor cleaning equipment is a more time consuming task considering the various technologies and price levels of machines under consideration for your specific needs. Certainly, you want to make the best choice the very first time rather than investing your budget or money in industrial floor cleaning equipment that is either inappropriate for your particular requirements or otherwise will not withstand the duty cycle under which you will use it.

Daimer offers Super Max steam pressure washer cleaning machines to meet the various needs of our many professional cleaning contractor customers who actually use the machines as industrial floor cleaning equipment for their clients especially greasy floor surfaces requiring ultra high temperatures. Many of our industrial buyers select Daimers industrial steam pressure washer machines themselves.

The benefit of using super high temperatures is minimizing the use of harmful chemicals required with cold or even hot pressure washer cleaning machines used as industrial floor cleaning equipment. Lower temperature pressure washers result in greater water flow and weaker the cleaning power, resulting in lower overall productivity versus higher temperature machines and equipment. Steam pressure washers clean surfaces in an absolutely astounding manner.

Hard Surface Cleaning Machines and Equipment as Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment

Daimer s line includes several brands of industrial floor cleaning equipment and machines to choose from to cover all of your cleaning needs that you might come across. XTreme Power machines, the industrys most powerful portable simultaneous cleaning and extracting machine of its type, is fantastic to clean a wide variety of floors, especially both porous and non-porous tile and grout, rubber floors, concrete, VCT and laminate floors, and many others. The 1000 rpm spinning, which moves automatically using a patented motorized system, includes a blade situated only ” from the surface. The result industrial floor cleaning equipment and machines will clean more effectively and quickly than other brands on the market. Higher cleaning power and motorized rotary spinning versus non motorized rotary action with other machines on the market results in much less water usage. The end result is greener cleaning with Daimer .

Green Cleaners for Safer and More Effective Cleaning Results

Daimers industrial floor cleaning equipment often requires the use of cleaning chemical and solutions to enhance the cleaning power of your machines, and make the surfaces as clean as possible. We are proud our Eco-Green commercial floor cleaning chemicals using patented Micro-Blasting technology work more effectively and safely than any other commercial floor cleaning chemicals or detergents of their types in the industry; they are absolutely perfect for all your commercial floor cleaning needs. Made from all natural, renewable plant and vegetable sources Eco-Green cleaning solutions from Daimer are safe for you, your business and all KleenJet industrial floor cleaning equipment and machines.

Check Out Industrial Degreasing – Acquiring The Ideal Degreaser For Your Needs

Whether your organization needs to replace an old degreaser or is looking for its very first degreaser, there are many things to think about before investing in a substantial stock of degreaser. As opposed to domestic grade degreasing, industrial degreasing takes a complete assessment of exactly how specific degreasers will impact a company’s finances, the healthiness of its workers, and its stance toward the environment. As a result, we talk about some important considerations to make before purchasing an industrial degreaser or any other industrial cleaners.

Strength of Cleaning Power

The initial step in finding the right degreaser is to identify the kind of cleaning power you need. For instance, trichlorothylene is the best choice for stripping semicured varnish or paint films, heavy rosins, and buffing chemical compounds; perchloroethylene will work best for eliminating high-melt waxes and cleaning up light-gauge metal parts; and methylene chloride is best for degreasing thermal switches along with other temperature sensitive tools. While these and other chlorinated solvents are certainly not eco-friendly, finding a conventional solvent that fits your requirements and then determining the eco-friendly preferred substitute is a great way to get to an environmentally friendly solution.

Unsafe Air Contaminants

Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) discharge from toxic products and endanger the health and well being of those who inhale them, which is any person who works near their emission. The short-term results of HAP direct exposure include respiratory distress, lightheadedness, and stomach sickness, while the long-term consequences can be as severe as infertility, neurological damage, and cancer. For companies, HAPs present two corollary threats: chronic sickness in employees, and for that reason, lawsuits that wreck a company’s finances and good reputation. Because HAPs also affect the environment, an substantial list of HAPs can be found at the EPA’s website.

Erratic Organic Natural Compounds

Degreasers that contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) won’t harm environmental surroundings. But they can harm workers in the same ways as degreasers that contain HAPs. Due to the fact that environmentally desired and environmentally safe products frequently contain VOCs, always be sure to evaluate the containment of VOCs in an “eco friendly” degreaser.


A solution’s flashpoint is the point at which it ignites. For many industrial degreasing applications, a low flashpoint will be of little concern. But for others, especially vapor degreasing and dielectric degreasing, a higher flash point or no flashpoint is mandatory. Generally, the greater a degreaser’s flashpoint is, the better.


Investing in a biodegradable degreaser delivers two benefits: it will not damage the environment, and it will reduce your chemical waste disposal bill. Citrus-based VORTEX, which removes grease, oil, tar, asphalt, and bitumen as well as its toxic brethren, is an illustration of a biodegradable degreaser meant for typical use.

In my research on industrial cleaners, I’ve studied the perfect traits of degreasers in terms of degreasing application.

Industrial Lubricants in the Workplace Best Safety Practice

Health problems resulting from contact with lubricants are relatively rare and occur mainly in cases where there is a considerable degree of prolonged contact.

Naturally, however, as with all types of chemicals, some tend to be very sensitive hyperalergic lubricants or lubricant components. This is similar to developing common skin rashes in some people after eating strawberries or tomatoes, while the vast majority enjoy these foods on a regular basis without harmful effects.

Various forms of skin irritation and more serious diseases like cancer, has been associated with light refined petroleum products such as soot, oil shale and coal tar. Lubricants containing lead soaps present a particular risk, because this form of lead is absorbed through the skin.

In industries where there are prolonged contact with lubricants and oil treatments or fine mists, good practices can virtually eliminate any health problems to the operator.

Some simple precautions can provide highly effective protection. These precautions, which are presented below, are desirable, regardless of the type of cutting oil, lubricating oil or grease in use, or the industrial applications:

flaps, vents, etc.

Operators should be encouraged to keep all the passive safety devices maintained correctly to ensure minimal long-term exposure to lubricants


When continuous and direct contact with lubricants is unavoidable, clean (and regularly cleaned), coveralls, waterproof aprons and gloves should be encouraged.

Washing facilities

Proper washing facilities are to be provided, including a non-solvent type of soaps, creams and degreasers.

First Aid

Workers should have ready access to first aid and medical emergency literature.

Fire Safety

Despite the fact that oils and greases do not light as easily as most people believe, careless manipulation (sparks, smoke, poor drainage or lack of cleaning, poor maintenance of machines leading to overheating) can cause lubricants to catch fire as easily as wood or paper. In the interest of safety, fire fighting and testing devices must be kept in good condition and easily accessible areas. Advice should be sought from your local fire department.

Dispersion and spills

In the event that a spill or leakage is inevitable s commonly found oil-absorbing material with high absorption capacity is especially recommended for use. Do not use flammable sawdust or other materials to mop up because they can present a serious fire hazard and increase the risk of slipping.

Environmental responsibility

Oils and lubricants must be well removed and not placed directly into drainage systems as this can present a serious risk to the environment. Lubricants must be disposed of safely and appropriately. Consult your local environmental legislation for relevant provisions that apply in your country. Lubricants should not be dumped at random and without thinking about the sometimes irreversible damage they cause.

Industrial Supplies – What Are Industrial Supplies

Industrial Supplies are the result of the world turning to Industrialization and it seems that every year there are additions in leaps and bounds as professionals and apprentices come up with novel ways to improve the industry and environment in which we live, work and play.

There are many industries that require the supply of these industrial materials on a regular and daily basis as they go about creating, repairing maintaining and developing machinery and products for consumption by all of us.

Most of the labor force in the entire world is in some way or another linked to the manufacture of a good or product.

So, if you consider that there are specific industries out in the world that carry the responsibility for industry in general, they will need to obtain their supplies from somewhere and this is what we call industrial supplies.

Industries like that of engineering, manufacturing, robotics, scientists and laboratories, janitorial and sanitation will all need to remain at their most productive by having the correct tools and materials available for the job at hand.

Engineering supplies take the form of various metal sheets, metal piping, lathes and other metalworking equipment in order for these engineering firms to continue productively.

The manufacturing industry will rely on vast quantities of raw materials in order for molds to be pressed into products, parts to be made for end products and even timber for household products like beds and furniture.

Robotics is a specialized industry that fortunately is improving our lives on a daily basis as those little gadgets like cellular telephones and televisions are created smaller and smaller every year with more and more functions and capabilities.

These goods and products could not be possible without research and development into fields such as robotics, science and industrial development.

Scientists and laboratories consume large amounts of raw chemicals on a daily basis as they try, test and receive approval from the FDA to go into production of pharmaceuticals.

These labs all require machines and technology to operate which are possible with the help of the engineering, mechanical, electronic and a stack more of expertise in order to have the equipment and tools that they do.

This is why it is extremely important to the sustainability of the economy and gross domestic production in general to ensure a sound supply of industrial materials and industrial supplies in general.

Industrial Park and Marine Port Make a Great Team

Locating an industrial park at a marine port makes perfect sense. The marine port in Orange, TX makes it easy to move cargo via barges or ships. Having an industrial park located where cargo is loaded for shipment saves time and money. This arrangement is the height of efficiency and makes it possible to manufacture or store products in warehouses and then load onto barges, ships or railcars easily and with minimum handling.

Saving Money on Product Handling and Shipping

If your business is like most businesses today then you are interested in saving as much money as possible on logistics. That is precisely why it makes so much sense to combine the marine port and industrial park in Orange, TX into one location. Cost savings are significant when your products can be stored right where they will ship from or can be stored within minutes of removal from incoming ships and barges.

The less handling needed, the less you will spend on getting cargo to its final destination. That is money that flows right to the bottom line. Efficient logistics and economical shipping can improve profitability.

You get another benefit too. The sooner your cargo is loaded and on its way the sooner you can collect your money from product sales. The significant amount of savings achieved in shipping costs will make your business more competitive, and thats critical in todays business environment.

Finding the Right Industrial Park

Finding the right industrial park is as important as finding the right marine port. So what is the right industrial park?

It is one that has the services and infrastructure you need to conduct business efficiently and economically. A location like the industrial park in Orange, TX, for example, offers the kind of power supply you need for heavy industry. Businesses will find the industrial park has easy access to warehouses and a variety of shipping methods that include rail, barge, ship and truck.

You also want an industrial park that is operated efficiently. You run your business with efficiency in mind at all times, so the last thing you need is to run into problems where you lease the building. An industrial park should have services available 24-7, have the optimal number of workers needed at shipping points, and provide an infrastructure thats well maintained.

Hit the Ground Running

A business that leases space in an established and experienced industrial park in Orange, TX can hit the ground running. The buildings, access roads, utilities and much more are already in place. Being close to the marine port is an added benefit. Add all of these features together and you can be operational quickly and with a minimum start-up expense.

If you are looking for a way to cut shipping costs then the answer is simple: Move closer to the shipping point and reduce the amount of time and money spent shipping. The marine port in Orange, TX and the adjacent industrial park are ready to serve your business needs.

Industrial Piercing-it’s Effect On Your Personality

At first glance a person with an industrial piercing may seem like a non-follower, outraged with the world and generally disloyal. But if that is what you see, you couldn’t be further from fact. I have mingled to dozens of people that wear industrial piercing jewelry. Here are the unexpected likeness in their personalities that may shock you.

If there is one issue that we need to realize, and I without doubt have over the years, is that one should not judge a book by the cover. The same goes for appreciating people base on their physical condition or what they wear or how they wear their jewelry.

I conducted a not so very scientific testing recently and talked to dozens of people that experienced is quite probably the most aching type of body piercing possible, industrial piercing.

I wanted to learn if there was something ordinary about this manner of personality and the person. Here is what I found out.

Industrial piercing is a type of body piercing where two holes are pierced in a person’s ear. A single straight piece of jewelry links up the two piercings.

There are quite a few distinctive variations to this type of piercing. They modify primarily on where the piercing takes place in the ear.

Most of these people are very glad of what they have done. It is a painful procedure and takes quite a long time to repair.

These people are attracted in trying brand new things and not terrified to take probability. Given two roads to travel they more frequently will prefer for the path that is non-traditional and avoid conformity. They, for the most part, prefer new vs. old in terms of fashion and do not want to go with the rest. They are proud of their exceptionality.

There normally is great right brain level of motion going on with these people and they quite often have the requirement to state themselves in inventive ways like music or artistry.

They are quite often profound thinkers with deep opinions and much to contribute in conversations.

Depending on the manner of jewelry they may wear it says something about them as a person or their mood for that day. Clear colored acrylics brag self confidence. Gold and silver make a testimony of gratification and achievement. Stainless steel industrial jewelry speaks of responsiveness and practicality.

It’s impressive what you can understand from people when you take the time to talk to them!

So the next time you see someone with an industrial piercing, or anything that may be a little discrete than the norm, be sensitive not to pre-judge.

Diesel Fuel Filters – What Are the Items Found Under These Industrial Products

Industries rely upon different types of filtration equipment in order to clarify, thicken or filter a mixture that contains various elements. The items found under this list depend upon driving force, process goal, filtration mechanism, material size and process stage. Applications for industrial filters include cosmetics, drinking water, food and beverages, chemicals, construction materials, paint and coatings, paper and pulp and oil and fuel. For the latter, diesel fuel filters are highly popular.

Diesel is popular in the automotive industry specifically as a liquid that makes vehicles with diesel engines function at its peak. Most industries making use of diesel fuel filters vouches freeing the gas from water and solid contaminants. With this process, it is guaranteed that the diesel fuel will help in powering up several forms of diesel vehicle engines. Here are some of the general types of items found under the list of these fuel filters.

Industrial liquid handling pumps

These are found under general classifications of fuels filters because they have a variety of purposes to serve. Depending on such purposes, the items are subcategorized further. Classifications include materials of construction, pressure and flow levels, physical orientation and the media they pump. In diesel fuel concerns, they are classified into dynamic or displacement pumps. Aside from diesel fuels, industrial liquid handling pumps are relevant in applications for chemicals, food processing, solids or gravel, water and thermoplastics.


One more general type of diesel fuel filters are strainers. During any process, the strainer is placed in the pipe. Large solid contaminants are then strained out of the process. The strainer may also be used to separate a liquid from a solid portion. While strainers are popular in oil or fuel industries, they are also considered helpful in hydraulic fluid, medical, water and food processing industries. They may be subcategorized into simplex and duplex baskets, conical line or flat plates and tee types.

Injection pumps

During diesel filtration processes, measuring the right amount of fluid that goes into the reservoir is essential. Here is where the role of injection pumps enters the scene. In specific scenarios, these mechanisms in diesel fuel filters are often employed in vehicles and are used in order to pump fuel into the engine’s cylinders. They are often driven by chains or gears contained in the crankshaft. The pump functions well depending on the coordination of the timing belt and the engine. The belt is responsible in order for the engine to accept the diesel fuel pumped in it.

Best Industrial Galley Ovens

Industrial ovens are no way similar to conventional home ovens. Unlike conventional ovens, most galley or industrial ovens are capable of reaching higher temperatures that are required for cooking bigger quantities of food at a single setting. Some varieties are big enough to walk in to and they have racks that can hold food items for cooking, drying or fermenting. Choosing the right variety of industrial galley ovens can be difficult but we’ve created a short guide that should prove helpful.

Brands – There are thousands of different brands on the market at present and most of them are of international quality. You can try companies like Duke, Rational, Blodgett, Baxter, Lainox, Vulcan or Lang to find an appropriate model. We cannot recommend any particular brand as you will have to match your requirements to the features offered in the galley oven.

Features – Manufacturers usually provide more than two different cooking options and accessories in the same ovens. For example, you will be able to bake and broil in a conventional oven. However, along with that, some brands and companies offer additional features like steam, roasting, grilling, a wood container for roasting and preparing wood-fired food etc. Most commercial ovens are also convection ovens and they will have fast fans that cook food faster as compared to household ovens. Insulated galley ovens are also available and they may be a little expensive but they are very efficient and they cook food faster. We recommend you research the different features that are available before you consider purchasing a commercial oven. Dual fuel ovens are also very good as they can be operated with gas and electricity making the cooking process very easy. Other oven varieties that are available include rack ovens which are used to bake large food in batches, stone deck ovens or hearth deck ovens that are commonly used to bake pizzas and revolution ovens that are move the trays around as they cook.

Cost – On an average, commercial galley ovens may cost anywhere from $200 to about $1000 and more depending on size, quality and accessories. To save money, we recommend you check the back of trade publications, magazines and cooking magazines to find ads for used appliances. It may be difficult to find the right size and model but you can always find cheap models. You can also search through the going – out – of – business ads to find ovens that are just right for your requirements.

Loran International is located in Houston, Texas, and has been providing the offshore and marine industries with kitchen, galley, laundry and crew quarters equipment and supplies for over seventeen years. It is our goal to provide the highest quality equipment and appliances, for the best prices, with outstanding customer service. For an extensive inventory of offhsore industry equipment products, please visit Loran International, 2650 Matilda Drive Houston, TX. 77032 or call at Phone. +1 281.219.1114 and Fax. +1 281.219.4477