How To Unroot Android And Restore To Factory Settings

By far one of the best ways to unlock root access to your phone is through One Click Root where you can get the most out of your device by enjoying a faster performance and prolonged battery life. Selling your old phone in a rooted condition might not be a smart idea when you want to upgrade your phone. It would be better to unroot android before the reselling happens and not to worry because we will teach to restore android and exactly how to -reverse root’ your phone and restore it to factory settings.

Before anything else takes place, it is good to know important things about what happens when you unroot android. First, if you restore android to its factory settings you only have a small chance of bricking it. Second, every Android phone has different ways in restoring factory settings. Each Android device has a unique aspect although generally all process are the same. If the things below doesn’t suit your device then try scouring in the web for a more device-specific instructions. Before all the attemps to restore android it would be best to back up the files on your phone just in case if something goes wrong, you can pick up right where you left off.

it will take five to ten minutes to finish restoring your device some even take longer because they hold a lot of information. Just follow these steps carefully and you are good to go: Go to the Settings menu, Scroll down and tap Back up and reset, Tap Factory data reset, Click Reset device. After the phone reboots it may have an earlier Android version and may prompt you to upgrade the latest verion, this will be good idea especially if your older version has bugs and security problems.