Started Working on a New Partnership

For a long time I was not sure that it was going to happen, although I had a great plan and all of the things that I needed except for the financing. It really quite random that I found the money. A few years ago I had to go see a San Jose chiropractor. I had a bad back and he fixed it, although the truth is that I was really nervous about it the whole time. That is not the sort of thing that I really want to be involved in, especially after having read about the bad things that could happen to you. It was not that big of a deal in hindsight, but it is the sort of thing where you do not want to make a mistake on. If a chiropractor really messes up, then you could end up in a wheelchair or a six foot deep hole. That is not likely, but it is something you want to avoid if you can.

At any rate I was down at the court house a couple of weeks ago, having to take care of some licenses and such. I was waiting in line and I was trying to recognize the guy who was waiting in line behind me. He realized this and told me who he was. I laughed and said that he had fixed my back awhile back. At any rate he remembered that I was involved in restaurants and asked me if I had any projects that needed investors. I was really surprised, but apparently this was the sort of thing that he was interested in. Of course he does not want to take big chances and he does not want to do any work. He wants to have other people do all of the work.