This Surprise Move Was a Good Thing for the Two of Us

I never really thought about the possibility of moving to Texas, but that is exactly what happened to me a few months ago. I had never been to there before. I always heard people joke about people there having oil wells in their backyard and lots of cowboys in the area. I also knew that our last president lives there. But that’s all I knew. So, when my hubby said that we would be looking at Lewisville Texas apartments one weekend because he was getting quickly transferred to a new position there, I was floored. He said we had very little time to find a new place.

My husband works incredibly hard at the company he works for. I do not work since I’m a housewife, so because I have no job, I certainly could not say that there is no way that we were moving. I was so happy living where we were. Would I like my new state? I did not know, but was very curious, so I got line to learn about the city he said he would be living in. And what I learned made me a little excited about the move. There looked to be so many interesting things to do there. I decided then, that no matter what happens, I would be excited and happy about the entire thing. And I soon learned that there as no need to pretend because it turned out to be a great move.

When we flew in to our new state, we stayed in a hotel for a few days while we went out in search of a new place to rent. The apartments turned out to be so much nicer and more spacious than what I was used to. We are not renting a 2 bedroom place with a big kitchen and living room.