I Wanted to Live in a Renter-Friendly Apartment Complex

I wanted to find some apartments for rent in Orlando that allow you to have pets. I had previously been renting from a homeowner, who said that pets were fine. At some point during my lease, the homeowner changed their mind and demanded that I either get rid of my dog and cat or leave. Because my pets were not included in my lease with the homeowner, I had no choice but to leave. I know that the people who rent out apartment complexes typically don’t do not do things like that to their renters, so I figured an apartment would be best.

Although, I had a nice yard at the house I rented previously. I rarely went outside and actually did anything in the yard beyond taking my dog outside. I do not have any children who need to go outside to play. I always dreamed of having my own large vegetable garden, I just never bothered to do all the work that comes with taking care of one all summer long. I liked looking at the yard outside through my windows, though. That said, taking care of a lawn can take up a significant portion of your time every single week. So, aside from the pets issue, I also figured it would be nice not to have to mow the lawn weekly myself. I was never really good at taking care of the lawn mower either.

I made phone calls to a number of places and first asked them if they allowed pets. I was surprised to learn that most places do. I then went to visit only the places that said yes to me having two of them. I don’t want to live alone without my dog and cat. My dog is 7 and my cat is 12 years old.