Finding a Place for Us to Live Was Easier Than I Realized

I knew I had to start looking at 2 bedroom apartments for Goodlettsville TN, but I honestly did not know where to start. I was just feeling very overwhelmed, knowing I had to take care of a hundred different things in a very short time period. At the top of the list though was finding a place to live since my landlord had told me that he was selling the house I was renting from him. I had hoped to be able to rent from the new owner, but I quickly found out that was not an option.

I had no idea how I was going to find a two bedroom apartment when there are so many complexes to check. That is when my friend told me to slow down and stop panicking. She told me I could go online and get all of the information that I needed without having to step a foot at any of the complexes. She has obviously looked for new places to live, because that idea had not even occurred to me. It turned out to be a blessing though because it was the quickest way for me to find the apartment that I am now living in.

I needed two bedrooms because my mother stays with me four months out of the year. I did not want her sleeping on a couch while here, and I knew that I could use her bedroom as a guest room for others or even convert it into a mini office when she was staying at my two sisters’ houses the other eight months of the year. I also wanted a place where my two cats would be welcome, and the Ridge at Green Haven apartments ended up being exactly the perfect place for me, my cats and Mom too!