Sticking with My Job Brought About a Great Opportunity for Me

I love that most all the apartments in Jacksonville have had steady prices that remain affordable, while that isn’t happening in some other cities across the US. I work at a semi-small company where there is very little chance to advance very quickly. And the CEO of the company has a pattern of often not raising pay each year, even a small amount. The good news is that there is a manager who will be retiring soon, and I really want his position when he leaves. And the CEO has told me that he would really like me to apply for that position when the time comes. So, because of this, I am hanging in there with the company for at least another year to see what happens.

I originally began working at a small company because I am somewhat shy. I figured that it would be nice to get to know a smaller group of people when I first got a job. There are two large companies in the area that have more than 1,000 employees at each business, but I felt that I could easily get lost in the shuffle at one of those types of places due to my shyness. So, I just made the decision to stay with the place that I originally applied to. I really like that I feel comfortable with everyone that I work with. The only problem is that I could make more money at one of the larger businesses if I did decide to try working at one of them.

One day I came into work and my boss told me that the manager who was retiring decided to retire six months early. He told me to apply and interview for the position as a formality. I got it! I finally had the raise that I had been wanting. This meant that I had extra money every month to save since my monthlyrent and other bills are not high.