Looking for a Place in Santa Fe

I have been out of school for a couple of weeks now and I lucked into a decent job already. It is not precisely what I am looking for, but I need to have some cash flow right now. It is not going to stop me from looking for a better fit either. At any rate right now I am on the hunt for apartments in Santa Fe NM, and really hoping that somehow I can find a good roommate. That would be a huge help to me, especially in the short term. The problem is that you do not want to just move in with some random person, who could be mentally unstable or just a jerk who would leaving you holding the bag when the rent comes due. The obvious benefit is that you would pay about forty percent less per month, which is money that I really need. In particular I need the money right now, because I do not have enough of it.

So I am looking for ways to cut corners. I even though about sleeping in my car for a little while. I figured out that we have a shower at work, they have a gym where you can work out and there is a TV there you can watch. It would be silly if you got caught, but I once knew a guy who managed to live at his office for a couple of weeks. As crazy as that sounds I have to take it into consideration, because I need the money from that first paycheck before I can do very much. I have been looking for other options. A friend of mine was teasing me that I should try to find the most desperate woman in the state of New Mexico to shelter me for a bit.