California Transplant Finds a New Home

It was a shame to have to look for uptown apartments in Dallas seeing as how I am born and bred California all the way through, but I can’t live here anymore. It’s expensive, for one thing, and the politics of the state are getting pretty crazy. I think when I started hearing them talk about banning plastic bags at the supermarket that it was time to leave. The problem was where to go and still make a good living. I picked Dallas mainly because it’s in Texas and their economy is booming. It’s the best economy in the country as far as I can tell.

But I had to make sure I lined up a place to live along with a job. The job turned out to be easy, so I hoped living quarters would be just as easy. I got online and did some searching and found a great place in uptown Dallas that looks like a dream. High ceilings, a pool in the courtyard, a gourmet kitchen filled with the latest appliances, and a really nice balcony with an amazing view of the city. That last point was a real selling point as living in Los Angeles you sometimes can’t really enjoy the view because the smog can still be a problem. It’s not as bad as thirty or forty years ago, but it’s still bad.

I’m really looking forward to moving in. The apartment staff seem really nice and as far as I can tell my neighbors are going to be great. Even better is the location of the apartment means my commute to work will be amazingly short. Commutes here in California are horrendous affairs where you take your life in your hands just hitting the highway. I can’t wait to get to Texas and enjoy my new life.