Nice Apartment Living Outside the City

I checked into 1 bedroom apartments in Florissant MO due to the fact that I recently accepted a position with the St. Louis police department. Why did I look into living in a suburban area if I was going to work in the city? Because St. Louis is a very strange city in that it’s actually quite small. It’s surrounded by areas like where I’m going to live and most of the people who work in the city live in a suburb. The city can’t expand due to various restrictive laws. What you’re left with is areas either too expensive or too poor to live in.

Being a police officer means I’m not about to live in the ghetto areas of East St. Louis, especially in the current climate. That’s why I looked at a complex in Florissant. It’s not an expensive area to live in and it’s within easy commuting distance to my job. I can also get into the city quickly if an emergency occurs during my off hours. The most important thing I looked for was a complex that could offer options on a one bedroom apartment. I’m not married so anything bigger would be a waste of money.

The complex I toured really fit the bill. They had a couple of one bedroom options, both of which would work for me, and lots of great amenities you typically see in apartment buildings. I especially appreciated the helpfulness of the staff. They answered all my questions completely and seemed very friendly. My future neighbors seemed just as friendly and not hostile to the idea of having a police officer living in the building. In fact, they seemed encouraged by it. The staff also likes the idea of having an officer around in case something bad happens. I can’t wait to move in.