I Wanted to Make Sure I Could Handle a Place of My Own

I stopped by to look at some apartments for rent in Newport News VA last month, and it made me really hopeful about my upcoming living sistuation. My husband had told me that he was leaving me for my best friend, which floored me and scared me. I have never lived alone. I went straight from living with my parents and siblings to living in my husband’s home when he and I married. I did not know if I could handle getting a place of my own when I have two small children to look after. I know that I can ask for child support, but there is no guarantee that it would be enough to cover enough help for my kids. I had so much to think about.

First, I had no idea how much renting anything at all would cost me. I looked into renting a home, but then I realized that seemed like far too much trouble. I have two children to take care of, so mowing a front and backyard, plus taking care of bushes, edging and everything else did not seem appealing. I need to work and I need to make sure that I spend adequate time with my kids. I also did not think I needed that sort of space. My girls are still young enough that they can share a bedroom. One of them is 3 and the other little one is four. I figured it would be best to save money early on, instead of over-spending on a big house.

Once I looked at apartments, I felt so much better. The rent is within my price range. If it turns out that I don’t get enough child support in the end, I can still afford my monthly rent payments. Things will work out just fine for me and the girls.