We Are Both Thrilled with Our Apartment

I was pretty excited about looking at McDonough GA apartments for my husband and myself. We had a couple of months before we absolutely needed to move, so that gave me plenty of time to look at different apartments in the area. There are quite a few complexes right here in McDonough as well as the surrounding areas, and I was not set on one specific area. As long as the apartment that I ended up choosing was within 15 or 20 minutes of where he was going to work, I knew we would both be happy then.

When I first saw Crossings at McDnough, I had a feeling that it was the place where we were going to apply first. After looking at it in detail though, I knew that I was wrong. It was not just the first place we were going to apply but the only place at that. My husband really did not care where we live because he knew he would be spending a lot of time at work that first year, so he wanted me to be happy. As soon as I saw pictures of the interior of the apartment as well as the grounds and some of the features there, I knew we would be both happy.

The first picture I saw was of the kitchen, but that is not what caught my eye. On the far side of it is a laundry room, and it looks quite spacious rather than just a closet that opens up and barely holds a washer and dryer. There is actually room to move about in there, and that was just the first of many nice things I really liked. Needless to say, it is where we moved to, and we are both thrilled with our choice of apartments!