Their Security is Top Notch Stuff

I looked for apartments in North Las Vegas because I recently ran into issues at my own place that made me feel unsafe. After the second burglary, I knew their security was about as lax as you can imagine. Moreover, the staff at my old place didn’t really seem to care that much about the crimes. I knew other residents didn’t feel safe, either, as several mentioned to me that they had car break ins. I knew I needed to get out of this place and find something safer with excellent security. Feeling safe was my top priority.

Las Vegas is a great place to live even without the casinos and the nightlife, but it’s also a city of extremes. Most tourists don’t see the seedier side of Vegas, but those of us who live here know all about it. Ask any permanent resident of Las Vegas what their greatest concern is and I think most of them will say crime. Everyone who lives here knows there are many parts of the city to avoid. They gussy up the strip so the tourists feel safe, but the rest of us have to pay a lot of attention ot our security.

It took some time, but I finally found what I feel is likely the safest place in Vegas. It’s a luxury apartment complex on the north side of town. They have controlled access entry which my previous digs lacked. That alone makes me feel much safer. The apartment staff takes security seriously and made sure to mention it when I did the walk through. The neighbors are upstanding people so you don’t have to worry about them buzzing in seedy people. My sense of safety has reached heights I haven’t felt since living outside of Vegas many years ago. I love it here.