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QuickBooks Merchant Service start up packages and is the leader in the processing sector, focusing on Customer Service and the best pricing. With our FREE Terminal application and match or surpass pricing, we make it super easy for our customers to say YES. With just a couple clicks in your QuickBooks you are able to download your sales, fees, and allowances appropriate into your applications removing the should manually enter the information by the end of the day. It’ll save you hours of time and work that is better spent meeting your customers desires and growing your business. Not only will you save time, you may have more cash in the bank as well. We also have wonderful start up packages for new and existing companies, starting with no set up fees, free terminal, free QuickBooks 2009 and your first three months free when you activate your QuickBooks merchant account. QuickBooks Merchant Service for Terminals is the only credit card processing solution incorporated into your QuickBooks software and especially designed for and has tremendously competitive pricing. We’ve highly competitive pricing including no set up costs and a card-present rate of 1.64% with no long term contracts. Save 2 hours per week of workwith only one click. It’s possible for you to download fees, all transactions, and adjustments.

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You don’t have to waste time entering them by hand. So it’s not difficult for you to monitor your funds downloaded transactions are oem software batched in accordance. You can even take your company on your way. We now have wireless terminals so you can take your business to your customers. It’s perfect for trade shows, door to door sales and repair. QuickBooks Merchant Service for Web Stores is the most efficient means to set up and handle a full service web store. Now there is a hassle-free way to sell online and take credit cards on your web store. We’ve chosen web store businesses whose web sites incorporate readily with our payment processing service so you can give your customers the convenience of secure credit card purchasing in your web store, process more orders more efficiently and manage your web store finances and your merchant account with the QuickBooks accounting software you already possess.

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The transaction is automatically entered by QuickBooks Merchant Service for PCs. QuickBooks Merchant service is the ONLY credit card processing solution designed exclusively for QuickBooks. Credit card sales are processed and input in only one click into your QuickBooks so there’s no more manual data-entry. It is possible to keep your present bank account. Plus use our optional card reader to qualify for a low 1.64% card present speed. QuickBooks Point of Sale mechanically tracks stock and rings up deal faster with item bar code scan. Save time with bank reconciliation in QuickBooks.

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Readily identify which Point of Sale card payment transactions were contained in the deposits made to your bank account. Personalize customer service with the ability to see customer’s purchase history as you ring up deal. Create reports to track products, employee sales, and more. Handle up to 10 stores from one location with QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store Pro. Record sales and authorize process in one measure right in your Point of Sale applications. Let QuickBooks Point of Sale and entire the sale finish up. Trades are simultaneously synchronized with QuickBooks in one step with no double data entry involved saving you time and reducing error. п»ї